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Custom plush

soft toys of all kinds

A plush is a soft toy, made from minky, faux fur, fleece or any other kind of soft fabric. Send me your references, ideas and dreams and together we will make your plush dream a reality.

Your plush will be crafted specifically to your wishes, needs and budget.

Custom Amigurumi

All you need is yarn

Amigurumi is the japanese art of crafting super cute crochet plushies. You can have amigurumis take the shape of a plush, a charm, a scarf - anything is possible!

These super cute crochet items can be soft or sturdy, lovely or scary ;)

Send me your references and ideas and lets do some magic with any kind of yarn you can imagine.


Custom Teddy and posable Creature Dolls

Quality items for every collector

The Teddy is the true classic amongst plushies. Crafted to perfection with high quality natural materials such as viscose, alpaca or mohair, adorned with glass eyes and of course - jointed arms and legs. Go for even more flexibility with posable creature dolls and let your imagination run free.

Please note, that these toys are not meant for children, but those young at heart ;)

Custom doll

Soft dolls and art dolls

The doll is one of the oldest toys known in history. It is no surprise that there is a wide variety of dolls to choose from - rag dolls, plush dolls, ball jointed dolls and much more!

Wether you want a classic doll with removable clothes to dress or a plush doll or something extravagant - let´s create your perfect toy together :)

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Think about what kind of comission you want and gather references if possibl


Tell me all about your idea and send references - size, pose, style, material - anything that is important to you is essntial


Once I take your comission I will design and create your plush - this will take some time, so patience is paramount!

You will be updated along the journey to see the creation in process.


Your creation is complete!

Once I receive your final ok your comission will be sent to you with the shipping method of your choice.

Contact me

Thank you!

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