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Shipping & Returns 

Shipping Policy

You may choose your item to be shiipped with or without registration, or as an express delivery. Shipping prices are calculated depending on your preferred choice and destination.

I do not take responsibility for your order once it leaves my hands. You will be notified once your order has been shipped.

You will receive a tracking number if you have chosen a tracked shipping method.

I guarantee that all items will be packed in flawless condition and I will add safety-meassures such as bubble-wrap if necessary.

I will not include any bubble-wrap or other plastic extras if these are not necessary for safe transport, as I wish to use as little material as possible to help preserve our environment.

I will mostl re-use boxes for shipping, for the same reasons.

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns are only accepted for shop-items and ready-made items. You must return these in the same condition they were sent and within 14 days of receiving. I do not accept returns and refunds for comissions. Comissions are uniquely crafted individual items, mostly with individual patterns and materials. I am not able to re-use these or the time I have spent crafting them.

If you have payed with a payment plan and wish to cancel mid-term, any payments already made will not be refunded under any cisrcumstances. Any payments still open will expire immediately.

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