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Slot List

this is the current slot list - here you will find all comissions I have in queue. Please note that comissions are NOT worked off based on hierarchy or placement in the list. Comissions with an "inactive" tag are not fully payed off and will not be worked on until payment is complete.

Work groups categorize the plushies that are currently in the bulk being worked on, WIP means "work in progress". Comissions tagged as "custom" are automatically in the current work group.

For more info just reach out to me :)

Work groups: Standard and special MLP, Standard and special


1. Nanachi XL (custom)

2.Animal Crossing Goldie - WIP (custom)

3. Psiana XL - WIP (custom)

4. Nachtara XL - WIP (custom)

5. Phoenix-küken Amigurumi (custom)

6. Custom Lapras Plushie, XXL - WIP (custom)

7. Custom Pony plush sitting L - WIP (custom)

8. Animal Crossing Flora L plus Clothing (custom)

9. MLP Custom OC XL - WIP (special MLP)

10. INACTIVE Aquana Beanie OC (special benie)

11. Baby plush doll + bear - WIP (custom)

12. INACTIVE Aquana Beanie L x2 (standard Shiny) (special beanie)

13. INACTIVE Lugia XXL (custom)

14. INACTIVE Sylveon Plush OC x2 (special beanie)

15. INACTIVE Custom MLP Pony OC L (special MLP)

16. Baby Plush with removable diapers (custom)

17. Madagascar "Gloria" plush XL - Zahlung ausstehend (custom)

18. Fursona plush laying L - WIP (custom)

19. INACTIVE Nachtara Beanie L x3 (shiny, standard, custom) (special beanie)

20. Pikmin plush doll (custom)

22. Nala plush laying (special laying)

23. Eagle Griffin sitting - (custom)

24. XL Plush doll Character (custom)

25. Life sized Character winged plush(custom)

27. Anivia festival Queen plush L (custom)

28. Twilight Sparkle laying XL - WIP (special MLP)

30. Samus standing plush + morph ball (custom)

31. INACTIVE Dratini Pattern test

32. Angel dog plush (standard)

33. Guillmon plush L (custom)

34. Steven Universe Peridot Doll (special doll)

35. Life sized Alola Vulnona plush (custom)

36. Custom Pony OC Stallion (special MLP)

37. Doctor Character (special doll)

38. Fursona OC female XL (custom)

39. Custom Pony Beanie S, Pegasus (special MLP)

40. Fursona "Cookie" (standard Anthro)

41. Custom Neck Dragon x4 - WIP (special neck dragon)

42. Minotaur plush doll (custom)

43. Mass Effect plush doll (custom)

44. XL Dragon plush laying (custom)

45. Shabelle Plushie (custom)

46. King Sombra + removable Garment plush (special MLP)

47. Togepi Lifesized plush (custom)

48. INACTIVE Sonic the Hedgehog + Shadow the Hedgehog plush (custom)

49. 22 inch Twilight Sparkle poseable plush, cute expression (standard MLP)

50. JoJo´s Bizarre adventure - amigurumi x2 (custom)

51. MLP Pony OC Beanie S (special MLP)

52. Pukei Pukei plush (custom)

53. Night + Light Fury dragons, high detail, XXL (custom)

54. Cat Tsum Tsum roll (custom)

55. INACTIVE Custom Fursona Floppy "Sakura"(special laying)

56. INACTIVE Babs Bunny Plush XL - Zahlung ausstehend (custom)

57. Tian Huo plush (custom)

58. Palico Plush (custom)

59. Whimsicott Lifesized plush (custom)

60. INACTIVE A Hat in Time plush L (special doll)

61. Xenomorph Matriarch plush XL (custom)

62. Zubachu Plush (custom)

65. realisitc doll plush (custom)

67. Kingdom Hearts Giraffe pet plush (special Quadruped)

68. Custom Dragon beanie plush (special beanie)

69. Sisu Datu neck dragon (special neck dragon) x3

70. Octopus plush (custom)

72. Army ponies (special MLP)

73. Death horse plush (special laying)

74. Robot plush (custom)

75. Queen Chrysalis OC, two removable Garments (special MLP)

76. Rathalos "Ratha", XL (custom)

77. Slurpuff plush, L (custom)

78. Dragon Pony plush (pecial MLP)

79. Bat plush (special bat)

80. Spyro and Cynder plush XXL (custom)

81. Mothim plush (custom)

82. Trico plush (custom)

83. Fursona Antrho plush M x3 (standard Anthro)

84. Custom Batpony plush (Special MLP)

85. Custom Pony Stallion (special MLP)

86. Custom Alicorn plush, 12 inch (standard MLP)

87. Armadillomon plush (custom)

88. plush spider (custom)

89. Custom pony, 12 inch (standard MLP)

90. Custom deer girl (standard Anthro)

91. INACTIVE - Poochyena plush (special Quadruped)

92. Dog beanie "autumn" (standard beanie)

93. Wolf Link beanie L (Special beanie)

94. Custom Aicorn plush, 14 inch (special MLP)

95. Custom unicorn plush, 12 inch (standard MLP)

96. Wolf posable art doll (custom)

97. custom pony beanie (standard MLP)

98. Custom Racoon pony, pegasus 12 inch (special MLP)

99. Laying Dragon XL (custom)

100. custom pony beanie OC (standard MLP)

001. custom canine laying plush

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