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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need to know about my comission?
    Please add as much info as possible about your ideas. Most importantly size, pose, material preferences, etc. If you have fotos, drawing or other references, please send them over. If you do not know alot about materials or poses or options in general, don´t worry - I´m happy to help you out :)
  • How do I apply for a comission?
    Simply go to the Store Policy menue and apply for a comission in the box on the bottom of the page. Ypu may also simply write me a message :)
  • How much do I have to pay for a comission?
    The price for each comission is calculated individually based on the following factors: - pattern complexity - material - size Each comission has an individual price. The minimum price for a comission with an individual pattern is 120€, which is charged for the initial creation.
  • Are payment plans and payment in installments accepted?
    Yes. There is no time-limit to finalizing your payment, and we can work on an individual payment plan for your project. However, please note, that I will ONLY and SOONEST start working on a comission once payment is complete. If you decide to cancel your comission mid-term, any payments you have already made are NOT refundable as time and materials spent are not re-usable in any way. Payments still open will expire immediately.
  • How long does it take to complete a comission?
    The time taken to complete a comission can vary greatly, from a few days to a few months. This depends on alot of outside factors, so patience is key when you wish to comission me.
  • Do you make replicas or work with a pattern/material I provide directly for you?
  • Do you create NSFW comissions?
    Yes, but only under very strict conditions. Under no circumstances will I make sexualised comissions with of the following: - MLP - Disney - Characters that were not originally designed with an erotic background or setup - charatcers with too large features of any kind (it´s a technical problem) - charatcers with primary sexual organs
  • Can you create a dress to my meassurements?
    No, I will only create standard-sized dresses, for humans or dolls. Please ask me about details of the meassurements for these sizes.
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