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Any horse-fans - your own horse!

If you don´t have the possibility to give a home to a "real" horse, then how about creating your dream Hobby Horse?

Let your imagination run wild and come back with the best horsey ideas you can think of and make them real.

Want a pink unicorn? No problem.

A black beauty with specific markings? Sure!

A rainbow colored punk pony? You got it!


Anything is possible. Choose from a variety of materials and design-options, such as open or closed mouths, 3D-Nostrils or applications, removable reins, doll hair or wool yarn for mane, and much more.


This is a custom product, the price is only a reference and not a representation of the final price.

Please reach out to me before you purchase this item to have a detailled conversation about your ideas :) The final price will the be calculated based on your preferences and choices.

Custom Hobby Horse

Artikelnummer: 0022
€ 150,00Preis
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