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Super cute plushie, that snuggles around your neck and accompanies you wherever you go :)

Choose from many different options, such as asian dragon, standard dragon or even Fanart! Toothless from "How to train your dragon", Haku from "Spirited away" or Dratini and Dragonair from "Pokemon" are some of many options :)

Customize your dragon to your individual wishes with a wide variety of fabrics and colors, design elements ranging from eyes, to horns and wings or even feet.

Please reach out to me to clarify which details you want for your dragon, so I can create the perfect companion for you :)
Please note, that depending on your individual wishes, the final price may vary.

Pattern by SewDesuNe?/Cholyknight

Custom neck dragon

Artikelnummer: 0029
€ 65,00Preis
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